By suscribing, you authorize MONSTERZ TEA PARTY to display  your art on the website, on the official social networks associated and during the events of the collective, in order to promote them. This distribution may be interrupted by a simple request, dated and signed to MONSTERZ TEA PARTY.

As a member, you get privileged access to our events, and one of your artwork can be displayed at our place for the whole year. You can also join us on thematic projects. *

If you want to exhibit your art for a month at our place, or during our M.A.D SESSIONS, contact us by e-mail:
  • The "Free donation but necessary" is not necessarily money. Indeed, it can also be an artwork (example: a photo / drawing intended for t-shirts / pin's/ stickers and whose sales would be intended to help the collective, or anything that would seem useful for Monsterz Tea Party ). The membership won't be available until the donation is made
*Subject to the approval of the collective. Your membership will be confirmed by e-mail
Available until December 31st 2020
* indicates required
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